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Licensing is one of the most efficient ways to launch your technology in the market . It permits an existing company to legally use, make, reproduce, sale or offer to sell your technology under a limited set of terms and conditions which are beneficial for both parties.


two-contacts-1Joint Venture

Joint venture is a collaboration between the University and another party in the commercialization of a technology. The University may license the rights for a technology in return for an equity share in the new venture.


buildingForming a Spin-off Company

Spin-off companies are new companies based on University-developed technologies and other Intellectual Properties. University faculty and staff turned technopreneurs usually start or manage these spin-offs.



price-tagOutright Sale

Outright sale of technology is the transfer of University technology without giving any restrictions to the Recipient. It is usually conducted if the University deems that there are no further potential use for the particular technology.



Efficient Technology Commercialization


For it to occur, your IP – whether it is patent, utility model or copyright –  must be protected in the first place. This allows you to maximize your rights as the innovator and develop a strategic partnership with the industry.



Unsure of what’s the best route to market for your technology?

Collaborate with TTBDO and let us facilitate the deal so you can focus on your research.

Our team has experience in securing Fairness Opinion Report (FOR) pursuant to Philippine Technology Transfer Act or R.A 10055 for commercializing R&D funded by the government, negotiate licensing agreements, determine the right amount of fees and manage profit sharing between you and the university.

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