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Invention Disclosure Incentive (IDI)

Application form for the IDI, briefly describing your technology

Copyright Disclosure Form

The author/s is/are requested to fill in the CDF so that the University offices concerned will be able to give a sound assessment on matters relating to ownership, rights and obligations of the author/s.

Invention Disclosure Form

Invention disclosure forms fulfill several functions. (i) It allows the Technology
Transfer and Business Development Office (TTBDO) to assess the commercial
potential of your invention or technology. (ii) It enables the TTBDO to plan
intellectual property protection and to advise on the best route to market. (iii) It serves
as a useful document in determining patentability and for doing freedom-to-operate
due diligence (i.e., whether commercial exploitation of your invention/technology
would require licenses from other parties).

Upon receipt of the form, the TTBDO will assess the commercial viability of your
invention/technology and arrange a meeting with you to discuss your disclosure
further, and to brief you on the policies and procedures of the university on intellectual
property rights.