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Intellectual Property Rights Policy of 2011

Approved and confirmed by the UP Board of Regents during its 1269th and 1273rd Meetings held on 03 June 2011 and 29 September 2011, respectively.
Scope and Coverage

Persons Covered – Faculty members, researchers, students, staff and visiting professors who are undertaking research and/or creative activities under the auspices of UP pursuant to any program, project, grant or contract.

Subject Matter –  All research/ creative activities; tangible research properties/ outputs that were derived from and/or developed from research/ creative activities using UP resources; and technology transfer arrangements 

Rights Covered – Inventions, copyright, trademarks and service marks, and protection of undisclosed information

General Principles

UP resources should be used for UP purposes and not for personal gain or commercial advantage or non-UP purposes.

UP encourages faculty’s full freedom in research and publication of research results subject to performance of their academic duties.

UP’s efforts to generate income should be weighed against its responsibility to provide a favorable environment to explore knowledge for public good.

The recognition of IPR of authors and inventors are effective ways to ensure accountability and accessibility of knowledge and technologies.

UP Charter of 2008

Republic Act No. 9500

An act to strengthen the University of the Philippines as the National University. As the national university, a public and secular institution of higher learning, and a community of scholars dedicated to the search for truth and knowledge as well as the development of future leaders, UP shall lead in setting academic standards and serve as a research university in various fields of expertise and specialization for public good.