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Technology Transfer at a Glance

Technology transfer is viewed as a cycle of creativity and entrepreneurship that promotes the transfer of research from university to the market for public good while generating income to support innovation.


Research –  a creative or inventive project that aims to improve our knowledge and create various innovations and technologies.
Invention disclosurethe first step in technology transfer process that will establish collaboration between you, the university and the industry
Assessmentrefers to careful review and evaluation of the invention disclosure form through prior art search and initial customer discovery
IP protectioninvolves different strategies to protect your IP through means such as patent, utility model, industrial design, copyright and trademarks
Market Validationidentifies the best approach to launch the technology in the market such as through licensing, joint-venture or forming a spin-off company
IP/Technology Dissemination the distribution of your IP to the public through various means such as business partners or your very own start-up
Royalties and Upfront feesthe distribution of profit from your IP to you and the university to encourage and support future research and innovation