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A reef assessment system composed of a towable platform, which can take high resolution pictures of the seafloor, and a video stitching software, which converts those images into a map.    


Microbial-based fertilizer that supplies nitrogen and enhances the growth of rice, corn, and vegetables.


A microbial inoculant containing plant growth promoting bacteria aiming to increase crop yield with lower cost of production.




Community Health Information Tracking System or CHITS, is an electronic medical record system that is designed for use by government health facilities.


  A wear-resistant coating that increase the hardness of tools thus protecting them against abrasion and the damaging effects of friction during industrial processes. Additionally, it can provide a more durable and decorative coating for jewelry, glassware and other aesthetic devices.  


A device which removes harmful algal blooms in the water surface by spraying the affected area with clay powder and then removing the resulting flocculants.


A herbal supplement for patients with iron deficiency anemia and other related hematological disorders.

Lab in A Mug

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LeptoVax is a range of vaccines for active immunization against Leptospirosis.

Mapa ng Loob

A Five-Factor Model based personality test useful for human resource, psychological and educational use.


  Biofertilizer that contains “beneficial” microorganisms that help plant roots obtain more nutrients and water from the soil, thereby enhancing crop growth, yield and income.


Soil-based biological fertilizer that contains mycorrhizal fungi which helps seedlings roots absorb water and nutrients, protects them from  diseases and increases tolerance to drought and heavy metals.

Newborn Hearing Screening

RA 9709: An Act Establishing a Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program for the Prevention, Early Diagnosis and Intervention of Hearing Loss.

Newborn Screening Act

RA 9288: An Act Promulgating a Comprehensive Policy and a National System for Newborn Screening.


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Personalized Treatment for Cardiovascular Disease

Personalized treatment for the diseases of the heart and vascular system through pharmacogenetics that will lead to better response to treatment and reduced healthcare cost.

Rare Disease Act

RA 10747: An Act Promulgating a Comprehensive Policy in Addressing the Needs of Persons with Rare Disease


  A multi-component medical program which incorporates a biomedical device, an electronic medical record system  and a means for telemedicine training. It designed to provide better access to life-saving health care services especially in isolated and disadvantaged communities nationwide.